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Event Planning for the Current Year

The Magnolia Hall hosts a number of different events throughout the year.

Please see Calendar for more detailed information. NOTE: Scheduled ongoing group meetings are not included in this list.

TopMagnolia Hall Board Meetings

    Board meetings are scheduled the first Tuesday of every month

    The Annual General Meeting (AGM) takes place on the second Tuesday in March

    The AGM is over for the 2015 year but everyone is welcome to attend the next AGM meeting on March 8, 2016!

    TopPlanned & Tentative Events January through June 2015

      * Tentative event and / or month


    • No events booked in January


    • No events booked in February


    • AGM Meeting – second Tuesday in March / March 10, 2015
    • Presidents Forum usually held in March / March 23, 2015


    • Volunteer Appreciation Night hosted by Parkland County, honoring Magnolia’s volunteer(s) of the year (by invitation) 2015 Volunteer of the Year – Rick Anderson
    • Cemetery Annual General Meeting (AGM) is usually sometime in April
    • Artisan Market & Garage Sale – a weekend toward the end of April


    • Grant Information Night (by invitation of the board).
    • Jamboree Wind-up Dinner – happens on the last Jamboree event of the season, on Saturday, the second weekend in May. (They start up again on Saturday, the second weekend in October.)


    • Open House Event – May or may not be scheduled
      TopPlanned & Tentative Events July through December 2015


      • Nothing scheduled for July


      • The Slo-Pitch ball tournament usually takes place on the second weekend in August – scheduled for 1 set-up day and 2 Tournament days. 2016 date to be announced.


      • Harvest Supper – During the fall, usually at the end of September – Check for the date in the calendar.


      • Jamborees start up again on Saturday, the second weekend in October.


      • No events currently booked


      • Christmas Pot Luck – This usually happens on the first or second Sunday in December. Please check calendar for date.
        TopAdditional Events still to be Scheduled during 2015
        • none currently

          • Possible Board Game evening for all ages – * Tentative event
          • Possible Technology Networking Session – * Tentative event
          • Possible Meet the Neighbours evening with different activities each time they occur – * Tentative event
          • Possible Pizza Night – * Tentative event
          • Possible Yoga Session – * Tentative event
            TopFor 2016
            • Next Volunteer of the Year to be chosen before AGM meeting in 2016
              TopPast Events – 2013 & 2012

                Magnolia Celebrates!

                On the weekend of July 12, 2013, we commemorated a number of different milestones in the Magnolia community.

              • 100 years plus Anniversary of the Magnolia Area
              • 40 years Anniversary of the existing hall
              • Commemorating four original schools around Magnolia
              • Welcoming our new neighbours to Magnolia
              • See more …

                Our First Open House

                On the weekend of September 16, 2012, we hosted an Open House for the Magnolia community in order to highlight many of the new changes during the current year.

              • Many groups in Magnolia and the surrounding area were offered tables to display their information
              • Installation of the Magnolia Community Club sign
              • Creation of new responsibilities within the board
              • Creation of a new logo, letterhead, brochure and magnetic business cards
              • Welcoming more of our new neighbours to the Magnolia community