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Magnolia Community Cemetery

The Magnolia Community Cemetery has become a much cherished part of our community – the resting place of the honoured settlers, their families, and then followed by the more recent residents of our community that have passed on.

The cemetery is located on a hill, looking toward the sunrise under the big blue sky of the west. The actual location is on Secondary HWY 757, 1 mile north of the Magnolia Community Center and 1/4 mile west on TWP RD 540, SE 1/4, Section 6, 54, 6, west of the 5th.

The cemetery came into being in 1918 with the passing of Signe, the small daughter of Edwin and Gerda Thomeus. The community was young and had not developed a location for a cemetery. Edwin and Gerda Thomeus donated this spot for a community cemetery and a final resting place for Signe Thomeus. Soon after Signe was joined by Lena Gylander and then by her brother Donald.

The Magnolia Community Cemetery residents are resting, under the care of a devoted group of volunteers.

Please feel welcome to visit our cemetery. For information on purchasing burial plots or organizing a funeral, please contact either of the following:

Mr. Esten Christensen 780-727-2391
Mrs. Irene Lawton 780-554-0431

Donations of physical and financial help are always appreciated.

The cemetery board takes care of a number of items:

      • The AGM for the Magnolia Cemetery usually takes place in the spring. Check calendar for more information.
      • Occasional board meetings are required throughout the year.
      • The board members, and others, take care of various maintenance projects for the cemetery, including cutting grass and other responsibilities