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Magnolia Joy of Gardening


Regular meetings are held from 7:00 to approximately 9:30, on the third Wednesday of each month, with the exception of July, August and December.

Membership dues are $20 per year.


PRESIDENT Lois Berry 780-727-2190
SECRETARY Karen Bougerolle
TREASURER Debbie Charest

Like to find out more information? If you are not currently a part of the group, please contact Lois to confirm dates and times below, in the event that there are any changes.


MARCH 15, 2017

Signs of Spring- Getting Your Garden Started.

Join Lac Ste. Anne County Horticulturist Lorraine Taylor for a conversation about getting your garden off to a good start. We’ll talk about what to look for when buying seeds, what you need to know when thinking about fertilizing your garden, and will share some tips for improving your soil. We hear a lot about companion planting- we’ll explore the popular recommendations and see what might work in your garden.

Top20TH ANNIVERSARY in 2015!

The Magnolia Joy of Gardening Club celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2015. More details later on the special event they have planned in celebration of this exciting milestone for their group!


Each meeting begins or ends with a short business meeting as well as one or more of the following:

  • Guest speaker
  • Info sharing between the members
  • A garden related project
  • An educational video
  • Seed trials
  • Area tracking of rainfall via member charts
  • Growth tracking of plants via member charts
  • A tour

We try to keep the “business” part to a minimum, and get on to the “fun stuff”!
We always have a great coffee / lunch time together at some time during the evening!

TopActivities – See details in separate categories below

  • Annual plant exchange in May
  • Greenhouse tours in late May or early June
  • Member garden tours in July and/or August
  • Annual wiener roast at September meeting
  • Garden related photo contest starts in October
  • AGM – Election of new executive in November
  • Photo contest winners are usually announced in November
  • Year end party in December
  • Fundraisers (when needed)
TopSPRING – George Pegg Botanic Gardens
  • The Magnolia Joy of Gardening Club members volunteer for a clean-up of the George Pegg Botanic Gardens usually in the spring of each year or when needed
  • Date depends on when their opening event happens in the spring

Lorraine Taylor, the horticulturalist at Lac Ste. Anne County has a soft spot for these Botanical Gardens and never misses organizing this whenever she can.

TopMAY MEETING – Annual Plant Exchange
  • The Annual Plant Exchange is held at each May Meeting.
  • This is how many members add to their collections.
  • If you have plants to share, please bring them labeled with type, colour, soil type, height, etc.
TopLATE MAY OR EARLY JUNE – Greenhouse Tours
  • Two or three greenhouses visited per tour
  • These are in addition to the regular June meeting
TopJULY and/or AUGUST – Member Garden Tours
  • Usually we visit two to four of the members’ gardens each year
  • In 2014, Sib’s, Lois’ and Wanda’s were chosen to be viewed.
  • Pictures of these will be posted at a later date.
  • Usually in various counties, such as Yellowhead and Lac Ste. Anne
  • These usually include judged categories: “Acreage, Farm and Hamlet”
  • “Winners and Runners Up” are announced
  • There is a fee for these tours
  • Check with county for information
TopSEPTEMBER – Annual Wiener Roast
  • Takes the place of the meeting in September
  • Is like a “Fall Fair”
  • Veggie contest is a highlight
TopOCTOBER – Garden Related Photo Contest
  • Submissions accepted in October
  • Photos are judged and final decisions usually unveiled at the November meeting
  • Winning photos for 2014 will be posted at a later date.
  • Annual General Meeting is included in the November meeting
  • Executive elections
  • Usually the winners of the photo contest are announced in November
  • Wrap-up of a number of various items for the year
TopDECEMBER – Year End Party
  • No December meetng
  • Check for date of the year end party
  • Potluck for the members
  • Usually do a Christmas oriented project
TopCommunity Services
  • We have the use of the Magnolia Community Club Hall for our meetings in exchange for caring for planters at the hall (we plant, weed, water, and trim when needed)
  • We volunteer at the George Pegg Botanic Gardens for one day each year (see details above)
  • We volunteer to make the lunch for the March and May Jamborees at the Magnolia Community Club Hall, and occasionally step in for another month when they need us.
TopAdditional Photos of Events

Pictures soon to come!