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Jamboree Entertainer H. Chalifoux

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Jamboree Entertainer H. Chalifoux

INTERVIEW – January 10, 2015

Henry Chalifoux was born in McLennan, Alberta, and has lived in Alberta almost all of his life. When he was eight years old, he bought a three dollar guitar with his own money, and set about teaching himself how to play. It only had three strings when he got it and played it that way until he was able to get some new strings.

When Henry was 14 years old, he entered a talent show at the Elks’ Hall in McLennan. He played his guitar and sang a song he wrote for that occasion and there was a back-up player on stage with him.

Henry started playing and singing for parties when he was about 18 to 20 years old. Sometimes, if he ran out of different things to play, he would just play the same songs over and over again. He laughs at that now.

Henry became a base guitar player from about 1974 to 1992. He was a member of many different bands over the years: Chubb Country, Ambush, Turquoise, House of the Rising Sun, Double Highway, and many more. He did his own lead guitar singing and playing as well. He lived in Faust, AB most of this time, a hamlet between Slave Lake and High Prairie.

Some of the recording artists Henry has worked with are: Joyce Smith, Bev Munroe, Wayne Peers, Rocky Walker, Floyd Ferguson and Terry Cole, among others. He has played with people from B.C., the States and the Yukon.
Henry has lived in Edmonton now for the last three years, and only does casual stuff now in regards to his music. And of course he sings at the Jamborees sometimes!

One of Henry’s favorite singers is Marty Robbins, with his song “Don’t Worry (‘bout me)”.
Here is a video of this song, as well as some details about his life (1925 – 1982).

Henry also really liked Jerry Lee Lewis and here is a video of his music, when he was older and it featured a recap of his life’s music.

Henry’s favorite song is “Crazy Arms”, written and sung by Ray Price, but became famous when Jerry Lee Lewis sang it.
Here is a video of Jerry Lee Lewis singing “Crazy Arms”, when he was younger.

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