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Jamboree Entertainer Henri

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Jamboree Entertainer Henri

I’d like to introduce our next interviewee to you – Henri Therrien. Originally from Ontario, Henri spent the first 26 years of his life there, in Chapleau, and then the next seven in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He spent six years logging in B.C. He has lived the rest of his life until now in Alberta, and has lived in nearby Stanger, AB for over 20 years.

Henri remembers when he was very young, his dad played a harmonica and his uncle played the fiddle, guitar and accordion. Henri got a guitar when he was about 16. You can imagine that there was often something happening in regards to music, and there was always a lot of singing going on.

The first time performing in public ever crossed Henri’s mind was when he was in Thunder Boy, just before the 70’s. He was watching a country 3 piece band with a lead guitar, rhythm and a drummer. That night, one of the members left the group part way through the show and they asked Henri if he wanted to play with their band. They liked the way they worked together so much, that they asked him if he would continue working with them and invited him into the band. That was how Henri started performing in public. He was very nervous that first time he played on stage. He had to buy a good guitar then and spent the next few months performing every Friday and Saturday.

He continued playing in that hotel for two years after that. Then he moved out West and did not have a band to play with. He ended up moving to Cranbrook, B.C. where he logged for a living and wasn’t part of a band during that five year time period. After spending time in Cranbrook, Golden and Creston in B.C., he ended up moving to Alberta.

He met Iris and thus began a 25 year marriage. Iris’ cousin introduced Henri to the whole Jamboree thing. The first time Henri performed at a Jamboree was at Sangudo – the Golden Club – in the Seniors Hall there. He also played a lot at Blue Ridge.

Henri met a man named Walter at one of the Jamborees in Entwistle, and thus started a very successful musical alliance with him that has lasted about five years now. They have a group together and have spent time performing for many venues.

Walter & Henri 01


Some of Henri’s favorites are by Waylon Jennings; he loves all his songs. He also loves Hula Love by Buddy Knox. Someone always wants him to sing that song, wherever he goes. He has mostly been into Classic Country and Classic Rock & Roll. He loves the work of Buddy Holly, Buddy Knox and Elvis.

Henri’s children: three girls who live in Calgary, two girls in Sangudo and one girl in Edmonton, as well as one son in Prince George.

He is always willing to help others out, especially those just getting started in music. His mottos would be “Live for today” and “Life is too short”.

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