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Jamboree -Mar.12, 2016 -Success!

31 Mar Posted by in Events, Jamborees | Comments
Jamboree -Mar.12, 2016 -Success!

About 110 people showed up for our last Jamboree on March 12. There were about 28 entertainers who had everyone’s toes tapping and the expectations were high! We had a wonderful yearly pancake supper which included sausages, hash browns and scrambled eggs, with various toppings available.

We had three new volunteers that we really appreciated: Leslie, Carolyne and Ken. Ken and his helpers cooked up all the hot food and IT. WAS. GOOD! The Magnolia Joy of Gardening Club did all the prep work that could be done in the morning, and sacrificed one of their volunteers – Wanda – to the evening shift, due to 4 people not being able to make it that evening for various reasons. That really helped the rest of us do a great job in the evening!

Thank you to the new volunteers, the morning crew and the rest of the evening crew – for their hard work and dedication. Of course we had a lot of fun too! 🙂

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