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Our Beginnings

Pembina River

The following two articles are from the book:


Established: 1996
Mandate: To record, preserve and publish the history of the Magnolia District

TopThe Past

Pioneer Cabin

Our first article was submitted by Gene Campbell, who gives a history of the Magnolia Hall Society and the building of the original hall:

After the Magnolia School was opened in 1911, as the only public building it also served as a community  center.  However, after the war, there was a desire and need for a dedicated community hall.  In a remarkable example of civic leadership for such a small hamlet, the Magnolia Hall Society was . . .

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TopPast to Present

The next article was submitted by Eric Brown, who remembers many details about the original hall:

The Hall Board decided in the early 1970’s that the time was long past for a new hall. Through both major fundraising efforts and government grants, enough money was acquired to do the job. In the summer of 1972 construction began in earnest. Most of the work was volunteer supervised mainly . . .

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TopThe Present

Current Hall

Most of us are quite familiar with the hall in it’s present state, and it is still looked on as a very nice hall.  Volunteers have worked very hard over the years, performing small and large tasks in helping to keep it that way.  A building is only a building – the people are what is important, but the physical hall allows the people of the community to gather and build those relationships that are very important to any community’s health and growth.

TopThe Future

So do we know what the future will hold?  Of course we can’t know that.  But one of the most important priorities is to create an understanding of how vital the culture of family and community is.  This will affect our own families and neighbors in developing healthy relationships with one another.

One of our primary goals is to become a vibrant, thriving association that can successfully serve all the members of our community.

Hundreds of different people from generations of families have contributed to the development of the Magnolia area, and over time we hope to feature more of them here.  We recognize that this section will be added on to as time goes by.

Now, let us continue on with creating even more successful relationships as we enter into: