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Our Purpose, Mission and Vision

Why we do what we do …

Some people may think topics like this are dry reading, but we will try to make this as interesting as possible! Reading this will really help us to think about where we are heading.

Whether we are individuals or a corporation, or even a non-profit organization like the Magnolia Community Club, we all need to have a good plan for our future in order to be successful!



Magnolia Hall Board to incorporate more planning in the upcoming year.

A stronger focus for the future!

The members of the board will be studying the following questions and concepts in order to bring more clarity to the path they will take in the future. If anyone who is a member of our community wishes to input comments or ideas, the board would welcome your contributions.

Planning processes can include the following elements which the Magnolia Hall Board would like to draw on:

  • Purpose
  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Philosophy
  • Core Values
  • Strategic Areas of Focus
  • Strategic Goals
  • Action Plans
TopYear One – 2015

The board will be endeavoring to incorporate many of the following concepts from the above Strategic Planning list during the 2015 year, and on into the future.


Our Purpose:

After consideration, the board wishes to define our hall’s purpose with more clarity.

What is the purpose of the Magnolia Hall?

A purpose statement is the why of an organization. Why does our organization exist? Why was it created? Why does it operate?

Stating the purpose for the hall needs to answer the WHY question.

The why must exist before the how can make sense to others. This is the first step.


Our Mission:

To meet the ever-changing needs and objectives of the present community – through groups, events and functions within and around the Magnolia Hall

What is a Mission Statement?

A Mission statement defines the present state or function of an organization. It answers three questions about why an organization exists –

WHAT it does.
WHO it does it for.
HOW it does what it does and targets its purpose.

  • A mission statement is written briefly in the form of a sentence or two, but for a shorter time frame (one to three years) than a vision statement
  • It is something that all workers / contributors should be able to keep in the front of their minds. A mission statement is the how of our responsibilities. This is the next step. This helps us to set out …Read more . . .

Our Vision:

With more thought and deliberation, the board will soon present a statement to define the vision of the hall with more clarity.

What is a Vision Statement?

A Vision Statement:

  • Defines the optimal desired future state – the mental picture – of what an organization wants to achieve over time
  • Provides guidance and inspiration as to what an organization is focused on achieving in five, ten, or more years
  • Functions as the “north star” – it is what all worker / contributors understand their work every day ultimately contributes towards accomplishing over the long term;
  • Is written succinctly in an inspirational manner that makes it easy for all members of the board or volunteers to repeat it at any given time.
    IN SUMMARY:The vision statement is the WHERE question … Not so much where we are right now, …

    Read more …


Our Philosophy:

We believe that whether we are conducting business, volunteering or simply enjoying the events that take place at our hall, that we will continue to respect the foundation of the efforts, tradition and history of those who have gone before us.

What is a Philosophy?

A Philosophy sums up how and with what types of attitudes the organization will go about achieving the goals they have set for themselves.

TopCore Values

Our Core Values:

Throughout this year, the Magnolia Hall board will be fine-tuning their thoughts on the core values we think we should emphasize while working with and for our community.

What are Core Values?

Why should our organization define Core Values?

Something needs to be used to guide our decisions in prioritizing, working with and as volunteers, managing conflict and dealing with challenging situations.

Core Values that are embedded into a group’s culture can help to:

  • Provide a framework for decision-making
  • Manage performance expectations of all contributing people, including new volunteers who may become acquainted with the core values as others are an example to them.
  • It must be a do as I do thing. There must be examples set forth …

    Read more …

NOTE from the Magnolia Hall Board:

The Magnolia Hall Board will be bringing more clarity to the following processes in the year 2014 and beyond. We will endeavor to become more clear about our future long-term goals and what planning we need to do to accomplish those goals, while keeping the processes we have discussed here in mind.

TopStrategic Areas of Focus

Our Strategic Areas of Focus:

Information to come

What does Strategic Areas of Focus mean?

Why should our organization lay out our Strategic Areas of Focus?


TopStrategic Goals

Our Strategic Goals:

Information to come

What are Strategic Goals?

Why should our organization lay out Strategic Goals?


TopWhat else do we need?

Up to this point we have covered the following concepts:

Why we exist (Mission)
Where we are heading in the future (Vision)
What behaviors are expected to be upheld by all when interacting to accomplish work together (Core Values)

So, WHO, WHY, WHERE, and WHAT have all been answered, but what about HOW and WHEN?

The next section should answer this.

TopAction Plans

Our Action Plans:

Information to come

What are Action Plans?

Why should our organization have Action Plans?


TopInteresting Fact

A study by Bain and Company indicated that organizations that have clearly defined Vision and Mission statements that are aligned with a strategic plan, outperform those who do not.