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2012 Year In Review

Reported March 11, 2013 at the Annual General Meeting

TopProjects Completed in 2012

  • Hardwood floors were refinished
  • New Magnolia Community Club sign was erected on highway 757
  • Our website was set up for the Magnolia Community Club
  • Board positions and duties were clarified
  • Fire extinguishers were replaced or maintained as required
  • A new logo was designed for the Magnolia Community Club
  • Fridge magnets and information brochures containing the logo were made up
  • A great job designing and completing themes was done every month or two for the display case in the foyer
  • Bleachers have been modified for safety for the time being until a more permanent solution is decided upon
Top2012 Events and Meetings

  • Held our first Open House / Corn Roast in the fall which was quite successful
  • A great job by the Welcoming Committee – four new families were welcomed during the year
  • The ball tournament was held with great success
  • Volunteers at the Magnolia Hall instituted hot lunches at the Jamborees for the winter months; this was a hit with the crowd
  • Three people from the hall attended the President’s Forum
  • Rose Campbell was chosen as Volunteer of the Year for 2011 who was honored at a dinner in May 2012
  • TopMajor Purchases in 2012

    • Purchased a new commercial fridge after the old one quit working
    • TopPotential Plans for 2013:

      • Repair and re-shingling of the roof
      • Upgrading of insulation in attic
      • Sidewalk blocks outside front entryway to be leveled
      • Paint the outside of the hall
      • Paint bathrooms
      • Replace bathroom lighting
      • Replace items in washrooms
      • Paint railing
      • Bleachers need to be replaced (have been modified for now for safety)
      TopSpecial Events Planned for 2013

      • “Magnolia Celebrates!” weekend to be organized