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2013 Year in Review

Reported March 11, 2014 at the Annual General Meeting

TopProjects Completed in 2013

  • Replacement of worn shingles with a metal roof
  • Truss bracing installed in the attic
  • New cellulose insulation in the attic
  • Minor painting and repairs
  • Time for cleaning hall a problem – solution: hired someone to do occasional clean-up when needed
  • Automatic door closers for the two entry doors
  • Damaged entry doors replaced
  • Replaced bathroom lighting
  • Replaced towel dispensers with a new system
  • West window replaced after it was damaged
  • Remounted speaker from the corner to improve hearing of the performers
Top2013 Events and Meetings

  • A great job by the Welcoming Committee – two new families were welcomed during the year
  • The ball tournament was held with great success
  • Volunteers at the Magnolia Hall continued serving hot lunches at the Jamborees for the winter months
  • Two people from the hall attended the President’s Forum
  • Wanda Hunter was chosen as Volunteer of the Year for 2012 who was honored at a dinner in May 2013
TopMajor Purchases in 2013

  • New tables and chairs purchased, along with storage racks
TopPotential Plans and Goals for 2014 and the Future

Of course we would never get all of these items completed in one year without a miracle! Wouldn’t that be nice though…
… but these are the goals we will plan on using, barring any emergencies!

Note: Other than being divided into categories, these are in no particular order of priority.


  • Work on mission statement, etc. and strategic planning on a longer term basis
  • Do up a more detailed five year plan for goals and expenditures
Major Projects

  • Look more closely into feasibility of building a wind shelter to the west of the front doors
  • Bleachers need more permanent solution
  • Set up kitchenette with cabinets and plumbing to create a more useful and practical “mini-rental” situation
  • Possible bathroom renos
  • Kitchen reno to be planned for future which includes a commercial dishwasher and better planning of space
Semi-Major Projects

  • Redo thinking on the most practical use of the three rooms off the foyer and revising storage spaces.
  • Sidewalks outside of front foyer to be levelled (if not doing wind shelter right away)
  • Monitoring system for sewage holding tank pumpout
Older major equipment and appliances to keep an eye on

  • Plan for new furnace when 30 year old one dies
  • Plan on replacement of pressure tank as it ages
Minor repairs and fix-ups

  • Minor painting and repairs continued
  • Paint bathrooms
  • Paint the outside walls of the hall
  • Paint foyer walls
  • Finish painting behind lighting in main hall
  • Paint outside railing in Spring / Summer
  • Mount chair rail strip in foyer to protect wall from furniture
Tracking and paperwork

  • Start a maintenance schedule binder for more organized maintenance and tracking / include boiler and furnaces
  • Past files to be placed on website email or in the cloud to be easily accessed by board members – start with the present ones first
  • Copy handbook so there is more than one copy – Update first
  • Start a procedures manual for those volunteering to do meals
Redecorating and renos to make hall more attractive for weddings

  • Plan ahead for all colour schemes to work together attractively
  • Replace upper material on walls with something cleaner, more attractive and easier to mount decorative items
  • New window coverings
  • Purchase a sturdy, attractive side table to put beside the bench for people to sit items down on when entering hall or getting ready to leave
Miscellaneous minor expenditures

  • Possible wireless speakers for better sound
  • New coffee percs to replace ones that no longer work
Semi-major expenditures

  • Possible outside building or sea-can to alleviate storage inside the hall and use space inside the hall more efficiently
TopSpecial Events Planned for 2014

  • Garage sale in the Spring to be organized
  • Other possible new events