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2014 Year in Review

TopCompleted Goals by Volunteers

  • March – New blinds were ordered and installed in the windows in the main section of the hall.
    Thank you to Pat, Christine and Brad for taking part in this!
  • April – A very successful garage sale was held on Saturday, April 26th and Sunday, April 27th.
    Thank you to the following for their hard work: Pat, Christine, Anita, Audrey, Dennis, Brad, Sib, Charlie and Sherrill. Everyone did a fantastic job!
  • July – Since the bleachers were becoming a safety hazard, we removed them completely. Thank you to Rick and Esten!
TopSpecial Events in 2014

  • The garage Sale at the end of April was a success and we decided to make this an annual event
  • We decided to emphasize the hand-made items and to call this event the Artisan Market & Garage Sale

  • Agreed to work on mission statement, etc. and strategic planning for a longer term basis and chose a committee to work on this later in 2015
  • Agreed to do up a more detailed five year plan for goals and expenditures, in 2015
  • TopFinancial

    • Our financial records are now on computer in a financial program, so statements of income and other details are kept completely up to date monthly
    • we now can see our complete financial situation at a glance
    • data from the last four years are compared monthly
    TopMajor Projects

    • The Board agreed to apply for a grant for building a wind shelter or addition to the west of the front doors / it was advised by the County to combine this with the re-purposing of four rooms project, see below
    • The board agreed to apply for a grant for changing the setup and use of the four rooms to the south of the main entrance / it was advised by the County to combine this with the wind shelter / breezeway project, see above
    • The board decided that bathroom renos should be considered again in the future, and to what extent would depend on future goals of the whole hall to be confirmed / possibly some smaller items would be in order
    • The Board decided to put off the kitchen reno for the future, which will be a major project, probably including a commercial dishwasher
    TopSemi-Major Projects

    • The bleachers were removed altogether, due to them being a safety hazard
    • Outdoor metal railing was sanded, welded and re-painted
      • Will be planning ahead for all colour schemes to work together attractively
      • Purchased and installed new window coverings, which are neutral and provide a little more insulation value over the windows
      • The board decided to forego doing any leveling of the sidewalk slabs on the outside of the front foyer due to the possibility of getting a grant for the wind shelter / breezeway addition
      TopOlder equipment & appliances

      • Plan for new furnace when 30 year old one dies
      • Plan on replacement of pressure tank as it ages
      • No older equipment or appliances were replaced in 2014
      TopMisc Minor Expenditures

      • Purchased new sound equipment at the request of those leading our Jamborees to improve sound and have less interference
      • Purchased paper towel dispensers for both washrooms and the kitchen
      TopTracking and Paperwork

      • Past files are being saved in two different places and we are planning to save information onto an exterior hard drive and/or memory stick, as well as possibly to the cloud, for easy access by the board members (more information forthcoming)
      • Began collecting forms and templates to start a procedures manual in the future for those volunteering to prepare and contribute to meals
      TopHall Cleanliness, Decorating, Supplies

      • Hired someone for cleaning the hall to ensure consistency
      • Improvements in seasonal decorating has made the hall more attractive
      • Volunteers and using shopping list templates have kept our supplies consistently at hand
      TopOur Website

      • Gradual improvements / an increased number of people are accessing our website and becoming aware of its existence
      • Usually one or two interviews of some of the entertainers are done at each jamboree / their life stories, experience and encouragement to others are posted to the website each month
      • Having a website made everything much more convenient for the organizing committee for our Artisan Market and Garage Sale / Bookings are made by email or by phone by utilizing the table layout drawings on the site