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2016 Year in Process

These are some of the current goals we have for the future. These may be added to or taken away during the 2016 year, depending on some of the decisions we make in our strategic planning for this year.
Most of the following will be included with the agenda presented at the AGM Meeting on March 8, 2016:

Note: Other than being divided into categories, these are in no particular order of priority.


This proposed project entails an addition at the entrance to the West side of the building, in order to make safer entry for people who use the hall, cut the wind coming into the hall in the winter, as well as provide some needed extra space. We have combined this project with the Renovation of four rooms in regards to applying for the grant.


The County of Parkland had originally okayed their portion of our grant. The Province did not approve this project. We will attempt to resubmit the application once we get the presentation more organized. We are working on a more professional presentation which will demonstrate what we would like in more detail.


This project, which will be combined with the one above, entails:
1) changing the coatroom into a kitchen supply storage area in order to make more room and consolidate the extra fridge, freezer and all the kitchen supplies.
2) changing the center storage area to a coatroom
3) making the small back room, which is currently used for kitchen supply storage, into a small lockable office area with a small desk area to consolidate all office supplies and related items.
4) renovating the Service Room in order to improve storage and function
We have combined this project with the Wind Shelter project in regards to applying for the grant.


The County of Parkland had okayed their portion of our grant. The Province did not approve this project. So what we did instead was submit this as a Minor Sustainability grant. This one was authorized! We will be attempting to finish a good portion of it by the end of 2016. This will take a number of volunteers to complete.

TopCompleted Goals up to February 2015


  • 3rd Annual Magnolia Community Club Artisan Market & Garage Sale – on April 23rd and 24th – This event was quite a success / Thanks to the committee working on this! – Anita, Chris, Pat & Sherrill
TopCurrently in Progress

  • Christmas Artisan Market & Trade Fair – being planned – implementation still in process
  • Continuation of any details necessary for eventual approval of grant application which has to be re-submitted (Wind Shelter / Addition)
TopGeneral Planning

An encouraging meeting on February 18, 2016, at the hall! These are the people we invited to join seven members of the board for additional ideas for our future. The topic, “Strategic Thinking”, helped to widen our possibilities and thoughts for our hall and started prepping us for future plans:

  • Fred Tyrrell, Community Development Officer at Government of Alberta
  • Scott Kovatch, Rural Development at Parkland County
  • Candace Charron, Economic Development & Tourism at Parkland County
  • Suzanne Merrills, Community Development Coordinator at Parkland County
  • Karina Crooks, Managing Partner of Operations at TransparentC – who does recruitment marketing & internal communication – also joined us

Fred’s presentation was very thought provoking. Lots of ideas – what should we concentrate on? – this will be our next step. After thinking and decisions on our part we will go into “Strategic Planning”. We’ll let you know more details as we go along. So exciting!

When we are done, we will be closer to defining our purpose, mission and vision statements in more detail, etc. and have more clarity

  • Work on strategic planning for a longer term basis
  • Do up a more detailed three to five year plan for goals and expenditures
  • Possibly look into some things such as corporate and other uses of our hall as well as weddings and funerals
  • TopSponsors and Grants

    • Continue work on obtaining ongoing and one time sponsors for events and general operations
    • Continue posting sponsors information on website
    • Continue researching possible grants that could work for the Magnolia Community Club’s situation
    TopPotential Major Projects for the Future

    • We will keep possible bathroom renos for a possible goal in the future, depending on what main goals for future and expanding hall are
    • Kitchen reno to be planned for future which will include better planning of space and may or may not include a commercial dishwasher
    TopPotential Semi-Major Projects

    • Improving storage of outside storage building to store tractor(s) and alleviate storage in the outside storage area and improve accessibility and efficiency / Should divide space so that tractor(s), gas and other related equipment could be stored in a separated area from the rest of the items.
    TopSmaller Projects

    • Possible men and ladies bathroom spruce-up until we are ready to do more major items – painting, possible counter top and tap replacements (in process of watching for seconds at counter top supplier)
    TopOlder Equipment and Appliances

    • Plan for a new furnace when our existing 30 year old one dies
    • Plan on replacement of pressure tank as it ages
    • Plan on replacement of small fridge when it reaches the end of its life
    TopMinor Repairs

    • Replace tap in kitchen
    • Some small electrical items
    • Minor painting and repairs continued
    • Paint the outside walls of the hall
    • Paint foyer walls
    • Finish painting behind lighting in main hall
    • Mount chair rail strip in foyer to protect wall from bench and other furniture
    TopMiscellaneous Minor Expenditures

    • New coffee percs to replace ones that no longer work – DONE
    • New tap for kitchen sinks – has been purchased but needs to be installed
    • 30″ wide fridge to go into the Service Room after multi-room renovation completed
    TopRenos to Attract Conferences, Weddings, Other Events

    • Plan ahead for all colour schemes to work together attractively
    • Make decisions on updating to current standards of the people and companies we are attracting for rentals
    • Replace upper material on walls of main hall with something cleaner, more attractive and easier for renters to mount decorative items
    • Purchase a sturdy, attractive side table to place beside the bench in the lobby for people to sit items down when entering the hall or getting ready to leave
    • Update the coat room and service area as part of the project that has been approved
    • Continue to keep hall clean and organized
    • Seasonal decorating to be done whenever possible
    TopTracking and Paperwork

    • Start a procedures manual with existing information for those volunteering to do meals / continue using templates and lists already in use / create more templates as needed to make things easier and more clear
    • Start a maintenance schedule binder for more organized maintenance and tracking / include boilers and furnaces
    • Back up files onto an exterior hard drive and/or memory stick
    • Past files to be placed on website email or in the cloud to be easily accessed by board members – start with the most recent ones first
    • Scan handbook so there is more that one copy / back up and place with other accessible information / Update anything necessary first

    • Continue building on the foundation we’ve started
    • Timely entries of current posts, events, calendar dates, rentals, newsletters and Jamboree interviews
    • Continue timely entries for related groups: Magnolia Joy of Gardening, Mixed Slo-Pitch Ball, and the Cemetery Group
    • Concentrate on improving the ‘Hall Rental’ section
    • Concentrate on more details for the ‘Getting Involved’ Section, especially adding to ‘Available Tasks / Duties’
    • Consider making a ‘Thank You From Magnolia Hall’ page for each volunteer or couple, under the ‘Getting Involved’ section
    TopSpecial Events Planned for 2016

    • 3rd Annual Artisan Market and Garage Sale 2016 at the end of April – was a success
    • Christmas Artisan Market & Trade Fair – in planning stages