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What is a Mission Statement?

… continued

A mission statement is the how of our responsibilities. This is the next step. This helps us to set out the methods and strategies. Our philosophy of what we are accomplishing is defined out of our mission.

We have our purpose. But now we have to further define that for our organization. Get into more detail. That’s our mission.

Our purpose has been defined. Our mission is how we target that purpose to help accomplish it in the community. In order to understand this, we need to understand what our purpose is and who we are to be in our particular community.

This is what makes the Magnolia Community Hall unique. You could ask, What is it that only we can do?

As we continue to serve in our organization, our mission can grow and be continually refined over the years. And that’s perfectly alright. Because you will not remain the same person as you are right now, and the people you work with won’t stay the same. Nor will those in the community, the people you are trying to serve. Newcomers may mean new challenges, which may require a new approach.

Above all be flexible.