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Performer Steve Machuk interview

15 Apr Posted by in Jamborees | Comments
Performer Steve Machuk interview

Jamb Steve Machuk playing fiddle 03

Jamb Steve Machuk playing fiddle 02

Steve has contributed greatly to the Jamboree environment. Here is some interesting information about his life:

Steve was born in Poland. Along with English Steve speaks Polish and Ukranian. He was two years old when he came to Canada. At twelve years old he started to play the fiddle and has played ever since.

He used to listen to Don Messer as a kid and Don became Steve’s idol.

Here are two links to Don Messer utubes:

Tribute to Don Messer on utube

Don Messer’s Jubilee Years

Steve spent most of his working career as a contractor for AGT.

In Canada Steve lived first in Tomahawk, moved to Edmonton and then moved back to Tomahawk again. For the last 18 years, Steve has made Seba Beach his home.
Steve and his wife Shirley met at one of the Jamborees in the area. They have a cat named Kitchie.

One of the comments that have come from Shirley is that Steve is driven toward excellence. He is also very dynamic in his playing she says. She also added that he praises other musicians for their effort and results and is a real encouragement to them.

Some other singers Steve really like are:
Anne Murray – he likes “Can I have this dance”

Can I Have This Dance by Anne Murray – utube

Jimmy Ordge – Irena Cheyenne

One of Jimmy Ordge’s songs on utube

Calvin Vollrath, a world class fiddler, is another performer that Steve really respects.

Here is a link to a utube of Calvin

and a bit of Information about Calvin

Thank you Steve, for everything you contribute to the Jamborees, and music in general! There are a lot of people – friends, family and performers – who appreciate you!


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