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“Thank You” from Anita, our Market “Table Bookie”

“Thank You” from Anita, our Market “Table Bookie”


Hello vendors! You were awesome on the day of the market! I cannot believe how well you all seem to fit with one another. The networking between you should be helpful for your future sales. Your name is out there and people will continue to search you out! Great job and thank you for all who contribute to this market. Lots and lots of advertising took place from the Planning Committee and you! We had at least two couples that just per chance found us on a drive through the area. They never knew about us and are not local. They loved the market and purchased lots and will be back. That is the type of feedback we want for sure. So again – great job!
Any table spots you may want for upcoming markets, please connect with Lisa Brown at your earliest. Payment guarantees your spot… cheers and it has been a lot of fun! Happy sales!!!


Thank you to our volunteers that worked in the concession booth under Valerie Peden’s watchful eye. Betty our energizer bunny 50/50 ticket sales person, Chris Giezen our Treasurer, chair of the committee and board sponsor, Sherrill Thompson for her work on social media advertising and posters to put up in the local communities. Lisa Brown for working with me yesterday and being so brave to take on the 2018 markets. Others like my husband John for putting out road signs, John Brown and other members of his family for helping put away all the tables. The take-down happened very quickly and efficiently!

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