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Our Volunteers

Serving Our Community

TopVolunteer Recognition

We would like to recognize many of the people involved in our community. Some people appreciate that. Other people are very involved, but may not want any recognition for the work they do. We will honour their preferences. It takes numerous people, in various capacities, to run a hall and keep it vibrant!

TopThe Importance of Volunteers

Our volunteers form the backbone of our community. If it wasn’t for the thousands of hours that have been donated over the years, not only our hall but our quality of life would not be the same. We are very excited about the contribution that is being made daily by people in our community. So we would like to recognize them whenever we can.

TopSome of the things our volunteers do

  • Mow the lawn
  • Shovel snow
  • Caretaking duties
  • Helping with clean-up after a function
  • Yearly Spring clean-up
  • Renovations and updating
  • Maintenance on appliances, furnaces and the boiler
  • Prepping lunch for the Jamborees
  • Looking after other various duties at the Jamborees, like helping to serve, looking after tickets, etc., and clean-up after the event

We hope you enjoy perusing the various items on this page – VOLUNTEERS are IMPORTANT ! Next time you see one of our volunteers, please let him or her know how much they are appreciated!

Soon we will be featuring many of our volunteers on this page by interviewing and acknowledging them for what they do to contribute to the successful operation of the Magnolia Hall. We will be posting information when that happens, so we hope you come back to take a look soon!

Thank you


When we get done, this will be a very long list, but for now, this will be the beginning! 🙂

  • Rick Anderson
  • Gene & Rose Campbell
  • Esten Christensen
  • Brad Danyluk
  • Chris Giezen
  • Dennis Hobman
  • Wanda Hunter
  • Sib & Don Peden
  • Val Peden
  • Connie Rose
  • Pat & Dave Ruttle
  • Sutherland family
  • Mary Thomeus
  • Charles & Sherrill Thompson
  • Larry & Inga Walker
  • Gail Mansfield
  • Betty Strangway

We are looking for people who have volunteered for the Magnolia Community Club in the past and would agree to have a short bit of information posted here. This would include various things they have done to contribute to where the our hall is today.

Thank you everyone for your contributions!